Who we are


Brazilian Mortgages | Mortgage Company

Foundation of the company, which later became the largest independent mortgage company in Brazil. By creating Real Estate investment funds aimed at retail, the company took the sector leadership, with more than R$ 10 billion in structured funds, becoming the main provider of financing for medium-sized developers and construction companies.


Brazilian Securities | Securitization Company

Foundation of the independent securitization company, which innovated in the use of fiduciary alienation in the Real Estate segment, one of the most modern guarantee mechanisms in the sector’s operations. By 2012, it had already issued R$ 10.97 billion in Real Estate Receivables Certificates (CRI), thus leading the securitization market.


Brazilian Capital | Real Estate Investment Management Company

Foundation of the company specialized in the active management of Real Estate investments by large investors. In 2012, it already had approximately R$ 3 billion in resources under management.


BM Sua Casa I Real Estate Financing

Creation of ‘BM Sua Casa’, a sales promoter of Brazilian Mortgages, which started to originate Real Estate financing for the middle class, mostly, innovating in the financing term of 30 years and by offering a complete portfolio of products (home equity, acquisition, renovation, etc.), in addition to providing highly specialized service with a network of 100 stores throughout Brazil.


Integrated platform

In April 2015, after the merger of the Integral Brei Real Estate and Integral Investimentos brands, an integrated platform for the Real Estate financial market was born, offering all the necessary structure for investments in the segment.

Integral BREI Real Estate is a company which was born with the management and innovation expertise of its Founding Partner Vitor Bidetti. Added to this factor, the solidity of Integral Investimentos, one of the largest independent managers – top 3 in the FIDCs and structured credit segment. The result is a robust platform that allows the creation, management of products and the development of differentiated services.

This integration brought dynamism to the market and a range of Real Estate investment opportunities, with the expertise of market-leading professionals, pioneers in the financial and Real Estate segment.